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Be a hero in the workplace!

Learn first aid with us


Innovation in adult education

The campaign is based on the Erasmus+ project Safety training for practical life number KA210-ADU-7D53C94A.

The project focuses on innovation in adult first aid and occupational health and safety education.

The main goals

The main objectives of the project are to reduce employees’ fear of providing first aid in the workplace, to increase practical skills and motivation to provide first aid and to make the training more attractive.

Your feedback on our training

I left the training enthusiastic and feeling good that I would know how to behave in a situation where first aid is needed. The opportunity to experience a practical rescue first hand was a great help. It was very nice that we were a small group and we could do practical tests with corrections.
Everything perfectly organized, the trainers kept my attention from the beginning to the end, I very much appreciate the practical training of all the activities that can lead to saving a life. If the training had been one hour longer and we could have repeated everything at the end or we could have done even more practical drills – I wouldn’t have been angry at all:-) I can only recommend this First Aid training!
I give you 20 out of 10, and I didn’t see any fractures or burns. I’m really impressed, not only with the content of the course, its practicality and usefulness, but (and I probably should have written this in the questionnaire too) I also realise that it changed some feeling or attitude in me to really help, that I could really help.
And the best thing was that we could try it in such a small group of great friends with a relaxed atmosphere, that we could talk more about things, ask questions.
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