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Causes of fractures

  • falls
  • impacts
  • high-energy injuries (e.g. in a car accident)
  • pressure on bones/joints

Types of bone/joint injuries

  • closed fractures
  • open fractures
  • dislocations

Fixation of limb fractures

  • If a three-pointed scarf is available, make it into a sling.
  • A splint can also be used.
  • In the case of fractures of the lower limbs, leave the injured person in the relief position and wait until the arrival of the ambulance.

Fixation of head, spine and pelvic injuries

  • Under no circumstances will we allow the injured person to move, stand or turn their head.
  • Fix the head on the ground/mat with both hands, communicate with the person and call the emergency number 112.
  • We fix in traffic accidents, falls from height and high-energy injuries.
  • We often don’t know the fracture, but we have to assume it!